Up and Coming Artist #1: The SoniXx

The SoniXx

Click here to listen to the SoniXx playlist.

There is a lot of awesome electronic music out there that many people just don’t know about. For instance, producer Nicolas Pellerin (AKA “the SoniXx“) is definitely one of those guys. The dubstep producer from Montreal, Canada has created some great remixes of popular songs that are filled with huuuuge bass drops. Ever since we heard about this guy, just cant get enough of his music. Definitely turn up your bass and enjoy!


Since our last post, the SoniXx wrote that he will be dropping his remix of Pendulum’s “the Island” at the end of the week. The Island is a bass-filled classic, with a recent remix by Madeon (which is great also, download here). The SoniXx’s version will be a bassmonster for sure so we will keep you posted for its release. Keep wompin’!

Check Out More of the SoniXx through Official Website Here

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